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Artist Statement

I am a late blooming artist finally able to concentrate on my creativity after years of focusing on family needs.

My wakening began as an adult art student during a particular stressful time of my life. I enrolled in a remarkable fine art program in a small college in Central Pennsylvania–one of the best things I ever did for myself.

I find art all around me–it is there in everything we live with and see every day–from a broken down barn, the fabric in furniture, architecture, to the exquisite beauty of nature. Translating my vision and creative experience is an emotional process. If I don’t “feel it” I can’t paint it. The subject matter must speak to me in some personal manner.

As an artist I would hope to lead the viewer to experience that emotion too. Most of my art tends to be impressionist but I enjoy playing with color and form in the abstract as well.

Honey Corbin, Monet's Boats, 18 x 24, oil (certified prints available)-1


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